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So I was just clicking and exploring stuff on this site and it showed activity of people looking at my site even on the years I didn’t post anything. That is awesome. Not many people were there, but that is still awesome! 😀

And now I think I am realizing why I haven’t posted very much here. I started a draft a few days ago and decided to finish it later. And then it took me a few minutes today to find out where my drafts were. Probably not as hard as it is once I get use to it. Though now I’m thinking I should check out my other journals too that I have scattered all throughout the interwebs.

Anywho, so I’ve been watching a bit of anime the last week or so. I finished Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii a few days ago and Orange was completed yesterday. I really hope they make a second season of Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii. Orange was really cute and sad. I still need to watch the movie. It’s from Suwa’s perspective, which is awesome since he is my favorite character from the series. :3

Now that I’m talking about anime, it is making me want to go watch some. If anyone ever wants to know what anime I have/haven’t watched, I keep my animeplanet account pretty up to date. I try to keep myanimelist one updated too, but I just don’t really care of the setup of that site. It just annoys me whenever I use it so I don’t use it very often. Here is the anime planet link:

So, the last few days I have been telling myself I am going to try to post on here more… but as I’m typing I realize I don’t really have much to talk about. I’m a rather boring person. I go to work (which I work from home so the transmute is great! (I love making that joke >.> )), play World of Warcraft with my husband, watch anime, and read. Oh, and play with my cat. That is what mainly takes up my day.

Is there a way to change the font on here?

Oh my, I’m rather hungry all of a sudden. I’m going to go heat up some left over dinner before my stomach yells at me again!


The last time I posted on here was like four years ago. I am so horrible when it comes to remembering these things. I’m just amazed I remembered my password. :3 I swear I should put an alarm on my clock to remind me to check sites like this out. So much has happened since the last time I posted. Maybe I will make a post about it but… I am not going to get my hopes up.

I’m not sure if anyone other than myself will read this. But it’s kinda fun making posts and then coming back years and look at them.

Probably shouldn’t have started a post since I think I am going to wrap it up now. Just got out of work and am rather tired since I didn’t sleep that well last night so it’s off to nap time for me! Whee!

Crap… how the hell do I post this… Ah there it is! xD

Ah, they changed a lot on here. I came on to look at something and couldn’t figure out what I was going to do so I thought I should make a post since I could find that quite easy. Maybe this is a sign I should try to post more… but I really don’t have much to talk about other than the anime I watch, I guess. Anywho, I’m over at my cousins right now so I think I’m gonna cut this post rather short. Perhaps I will make another one tomorrow. Maybe not since my boyfriend and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary so I may be a bit busy. Perhaps the day after that? Yes, hopefully at least.

Well then, until next time~

I came on here to post since it’s been… almost a year… I think? And I was kinda surprised to see how it’s so different now. It took me a moment to figure out what to do. Lol. And now I forgot what I was gonna post about…. Ah well. Perhaps it will come back to me and I’ll make a post in a few days. 


For now, I’m gonna go back to watching Zetsuen No Tempest. 



Muahahhahaha! I haven’t posted on here in so long. I kept thinking about doing it, but never found the time to sit down and type anything. I’m rather tired so I don’t really know why I am typing or what I am going to type. ^.^:;;; But speaking of being tired, I’ve been feeling rather more tired since my birthday on Friday. I don’t know why. And my knees have been hurting a lot more the last week. My cousin suggested that perhaps it has to do with the cold, but my knees were never this painful in the winter before. Twenty minutes ago my right knee was hurting so much I had to crawl to relieve some of the pain. :/ Ah, I hope this ends soon.

Oh, and I’ve been like… extremely warm the last two days. So so overheated that I sweat so much and can’t seem to cool down. I don’t feel sick or anything. >.<Oh well. Seems like everything is going wrong with my body this last week. 😛

So my cousin recently started getting obcessed with Durarara again… and she dragged me in with her. I’m being reminded so much how awesome that anime is. And I finally found someone who translated the light novels online so I’ve been reading them a little bit each day. Now that I’m talking about it… I wanna go read some more of it… though I think I wanna go lay down and sleep. Or read a book for a bit.

I think I’m gonna continue this post tomorrow. My mind is so too tired to think of anything else. LOL!

Teehee, later.

My lovely boyfriend finally got a day off today and we went out to eat at Ponderosa which I’ve been wanting to try for a pretty long time now. I’ve always wanted to eat there since everyone I know has eaten there at least one point in their lives. It was pretty good. Though the seats were freaking uncomfortable. My back still hurts from sitting in them. My tummy is so full from all the yummy food I ate. When I got home I checked the mail and walking up the yard was cramping up my stomach. >.< I haven’t eaten that much at one sitting in a really, really, really long time.

Hmm… what else… I’m on season 4 of Malcolm in the Middle. I love that show. It’s so awesome. And I’m still on season 1 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. But I’m hoping if I watch at least one episode a day I’ll be all caught up soon. 😀

Oh! My boyfriend and I stopped at the store on the way home from going out to eat and I finally got some more dish soap and tin foil. And I got a sponge that has a rough top so I can finally scrub the tub and sinks! Yay! I was so excited. I don’t really know why, but oh well. 😛 Oh and the soap was on sale which made it even more awesome. I won’t be needing soap for quite awhile. 😀

My cat is being so freaking cute right now. We have her a Fancy Feast earlier and now she is curled up on the floor sleeping. She sleeps for hours after we give her one of those. LOL! I gave it to her since I figured she has been a good girl and we had a yummy dinner so she should have one too. 😀 She was so happy when she saw me get the can from the cabinet. She wouldn’t leave my side. LOL!

Well, I think that will be all for now. I wanna go clean the tub. I was going to wait until tomorrow. But… I can’t wait! 😛


So I’ve been hooked back into Pokemon again. It started when when my cousin got me Pokemon Heart Gold… and then a few weeks later Pokemon White. I got my younger brother hooked on Pokemon again and he got Black so that way we could trade Pokemon the other game didn’t have and thus be able to collect them all. Plus he wants to duel me and beat me. But ya know what, I would totally win. 😛

Other than Pokemon I’ve watched all of Scrubs since I’ve wanted to watch it all for awhile. Then I watched Arrested Development. Can’t wait for the movie of that. And now I’m watching The 44oo from the beginning. Now that I’m watching it from the start things make so much more sense. ^.^

And now I’m being attacked by hiccups that really hurt so I’m gong to end this and go to the bathroom to try to get rid of them.


Figured I should make a post today since it’s been so long. So much for me trying to post every few days. That totally failed. Oh well, I guess I can try again, right?

Hmm, what has happened since the last time I posted… Well not much… but erm… The air conditioner is hooked up so I don’t have to suffer in this heat anymore.  I came up with a new idea for a story a few days ago and have been working on that.  I can’t think of anything else so I’m just gonna move on to the anime and manga. 😀


Since the last time I posted I have finished reading various mangas, most of them suggested to me by a few friends. 😛 I’ve also finished a few animes too, but I can’t remember them at he moment. >.<


Here is a list of animes that I am watching right now:


Ano Hana
Hana Saku Iroha
Fairy Tail
Deadman Wonderland
Sket Dance
Maria Holic Alive
Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

And I think that is all of them. I am really enjoying this seasons line of anime. I really didn’t think I would at first but then I watched quite few of them and just loved them. I still need to try A Channel since a lot of people seem to like it. Well there are a few that I still wanna watch eventually. LOL!

Well, I think that is all for now. My episode of Deadman Wonderland has loaded so I’m going to go watch that.

Ja-bai-bai. 😀

Two days ago I randomly started watching the anime School Days, and finished it the same day. That anime…. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about the ending. I won’t say too much about cuz of spoilers and such, but I will say the ending is awesome and will make you go “WTF?!?!?” But a WTF in a good way. I think. Perhaps. LOL!

Yesterday I watched 5 Centimeters per second. It was a pretty cool movie. The artwork was so cute. And the two main characters were so awesome. And adorable too.

Yesterday Dylan and I went to his parents for dinner, though it was more of a lunch for us since we ate dinner early since Dylan and stuff to do around actual dinner time. LOL! But we ate super yummy tacos. Yay! And his mom and dad let me borrow some books. Yay, more books to read! Mainly the ones his mom had are romance ones, but they sounded interesting so I’m totally gonna read them. Like right now I’m reading one of the books his mom let me borrowed called Water for Elephants. It’s pretty good so far. I read like sixty pages within like an hour. LOL! Darn it now I want to go read some more.

But I can’t at the moment since I should probably wash some dishes. I was going to do it yesterday but I got distracted by lots of stuff.

I think I’m gonna go now.I can’t think of anything else to post….

Ja-bai-bai! 😀

So yesterday someone I know was talking about Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika. So I decided to watch the first episode since I’ve seen quite a few icons from this anime. Yea… it’s fucking awesome. It’s nothing like any magical girl anime I have ever seen before. It’s so…. fucking insane. OMG! Mami…. I am still in shocked what happened to her….

But yea, didn’t expect that happening in this anime. But it happened. I would say more but I don’t want to have spoilers on here right now. LOL!

But yea. I’m on episode five right now. And it’s so awesome. I wanna watch more but I’m kinda tired.

So I am going to post this and then go to sleep.